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CBD. In tea. Sounds simple enough, right? But don’t worry, this isn’t Alice in Wonderland. You won’t be seeing cats smiling or conversing with caterpillars. But you may just experience some of CBD’s life-altering benefits.

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Seems like a tall order, no? It isn’t as far-fetched as you might think. You see, there’s a system in our bodies, called the endocannabinoid system, that has evolved to receive and process cannabinoids - the chemical compounds found in marijuana itself. In simpler terms, it means we can absorb and process a compound like CBD in a way that reduces pain, anxiety, and stress. And since CBD has no psychoactive effects, you’ll gain those benefits without the distraction of your typical “high”.

It’s true that CBD can be found in a number of oils, tinctures, and lotions - but that’s not our vibe. We wanted something that would be delicious, easy to consume, and a pleasure to use. We found a way to combine the refreshment of iced tea with all of CBD’s benefits.

We know this might be lots to process, and you’re not Alice - but we can be your guide down the rabbit hole of misinformation. Check out the blog for more in-depth information on CBD, our founders, and our hopes and dreams.